Humanity & Science
Medical technology is the greatest scientific achievement in all
human history!

Science is humanity’s greatest achievement for a healthy and happy life.
Additionally, MSAKOREA would like to join in these great achievements.

MSAKOREA imports various related products such as medicine, devices, and health foods, etc. through the consultation of excellent medical staff in hospitals. We import various related products, engage in R&D and production, and operate directly. In addition, through many dealers, product information is communicated to users faster than other companies and distributed dependably and quickly.

- Vision -
  • MSAKOREA is a company with youth.
  • MSAKOREA is a company with a dream, hope and future.
  • MSAKOREA is a company that is proud.
  • MSAKOREA is a company that has the opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities.
  • MSAKOREA will strive to become an essential company in the 21st century by being devoted to medicinal development and distribution.
CEO .  MSA KOREA     Park Shin-Sung